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Psyche in the Operating Theatre

Download article as PDF Contents Introduction 1 Transference Solicitation 2 Reminding, Showdoing, Letting Be 3 Enactment, Therapy, Behaviour 4 The Public Organisation of Psychotherapy ­- medicine, law, religion, education, aesthetics 5 Psychoanalysis and Religion 6 Government – letter from the Secretary of State – an Explanation – notes for meeting at the Department of Health [...]


Persona and Actor

Download article as PDF Jung’s concept of the persona examined in relation to the actor’s mask or role, with special reference to the figure of Falstaff INTRODUCTION One of my first control analysands was a young woman whose initial dream featured an actress preparing to play the part of Ophelia. This acting theme recurred in [...]


MAKING AN APPEARANCE: The Hazard of Being a Person and our Stake in the Theatre

Download article as PDF (Paper given at the London Convivium for Archetypal Studies Conference on “Imagination and the Theatre of the World” June 11, 1988) Introduction This paper is conceived as a meditation on face and mask. I want us to ask ourselves: which is the more reliable, which is the more interesting, face or [...]