useful Introductions

David Holt: some introductory reflections to his writings  by Michael Whan
Surprised by Words: Psyche and Symbol in the work of David Holt (2011) No 306  by Michael Whan and Jessica Rose

Oxford Psychotherapy Society Bulletin November 2002 Tributes

David Holt  by Rob Waygood
David Holt — in Celebration  by Patricia Watts
David’s Legacy  by Stephanie Wilson
Remembering David Holt: “Pour on; I will endure” (King Lear)  by Michael Whan
The Guiding Function of Dreams  by Carmen Q. Reynal
Thoughts provoked by David Holt’s Dramatic Model  by Charles Hampton

David Holt's published works

Theatre and Behaviour: Hawkwood Papers 1979 - 1986 (1987)
The Psychology of Carl Jung: Essays in Application and Deconstruction (1992)
Psyche in the Operating Theatre (1998)
Eventful Responsability: fifty years of dreaming remembered (1999)
The Clermont Story: arguing christian responsability (2001)

other writings by David Holt

45 Years In and Out of Jung’s Psychology
JUNG AND MARX: Alchemy, Christianity, and the Work Against Nature
MAKING AN APPEARANCE: The Hazard of Being a Person and our Stake in the Theatre
Persona and Actor
Projection, Presence, Profession
Some Aspects of Supervision

miscellaneous Papers, lectures and talks

1976 Hawkwood College Paper
Anaesthesia and Anatomia
Bloody Time
Brain and Psyche
C.J.JUNG Analytical Physchology Club London
Considered Unsightly
Dreams in Common
Likeness Seminar and Lecture Notes 1982 & 1989
Making Sex More Talkable
Measure for Measure
Money and what we expect of Health 1968 - 1974
Psychoanalysis and Religion
Re-enacting Jacobean Bodies
Reminding, Letting Be, Showing
Talking With Schizophrenia 1966 - 1968
The Consistency of time 1984
The Constraints of Desire
Time and Timing

Guild of Pastoral Psychology Pamphlets

The pamphlets are included by kind permission of the Guild of Pastoral Psychology and these and also recordings of the talks can be obtained from the Guild's website (see Useful Links).

Dreamwork and Prayer (With Wendy Robinson) (1978) No 194
Hypokrites and Analyst (1968) No 145
Idolatry and Work in Psychology (1970) No 155
Jung and the Third Person (1981) No 205
Sacred Hunger: Exponential Growth and the Bible (1999) No 267
Surprised by Words: Psyche and Symbol in the work of David Holt (2011) No 306

works by Others

The Superman as salamander:symbols of transformation or transformational symbols?  by Paul Bishop

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